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Manual Payment

We accept bank transfers using Thai QR code payments. Customers can make payments via their mobile banking application by scanning a QR code. 

Check out.png

Step 1

Once you have added the item to the cart, select the "Checkout" option.

Payment selection.png

Step 2

After adding your personal information, select the "Manual Payment" option.

Select Scan.png

Step 3

Open your Thai Banking application (SCB, Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank etc...) and select "Scan" from the menu. 


Step 4

Scan this QR code

Ocean Heroes Co., Ltd.png

Step 5

System will show our company name and code. Enter the amount and your full name as a note. 

Payment validation.png

Step 6

Verify to ensure the correctness of the information, press "Confirm" and enter your Passcode to confirm the transaction. 

Once the payment has been received, we will send you a confirmation within 1

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