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Production of Little Ocean Swimwear

Swimwear has come a long way in recent years, not just in terms of style and functionality but also in sustainability. Today, brands are shifting to alternative and more sustainable materials for swimwear production, mainly using recycled plastic.

The process of turning plastic bottles into swimwear starts with the recycling process. The plastic bottles are collected and sorted according to their color and quality. They are then shredded into small pieces and cleaned to remove any impurities.

The shredded plastic pieces are melted down and transformed into small pellets or chips, which are then spun into yarn. The yarn is then used to make the fabric for swimwear. One of the main suppliers of recycled yarn is REPREVE, which is made from post-consumer plastic bottles.

Once the yarn is produced, it is woven or knitted into the fabric used for swimwear. The knitting or weaving process involves interlacing the yarn to create a strong, durable and stretchy fabric.