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The ultimate beach travel packing list of sustainable essentials

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Planning a beach vacation with your family can be exciting but packing for it can be overwhelming. To help make your trip more enjoyable, we’ve created a beach travel packing list to ensure that you have everything you need for a perfect beach holiday and as a sustainable swimwear brand, we want to share with you some of our favorite eco-friendly beach essentials. These products not only benefit the environment but also enhance your beach experience.


Sunscreen is an essential part of any beach vacation or outdoor activity. Not only does it protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but it also helps prevent sunburn and premature aging. However, when choosing a sunscreen, it is important to consider their impact on the environment. Many traditional sunscreens contain chemicals that can harm marine life and coral reefs, so choosing a reef-safe and biodegradable option is crucial.

  • Reef Repair: Their products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and are free from harmful chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate that can harm marine life and coral reefs. Their sunscreens are also packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials, making them a sustainable choice for any beach vacation or outdoor activity.

Rash Guards

Rash guards are essential for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and reducing irritation from sand and saltwater. Our top picks for sustainable rash guards include:

Sand-free Beach Towels

Towels are a must-have at the beach, but traditional cotton towels can take a toll on the environment due to their water consumption during production. Consider these eco-friendly options instead:


Reusable fins made of high-quality materials help reduce waste generated by disposable ones. Check out our favorite pick below:

  • Cressi Gara Modular Impulse Fins: These customizable fins are designed to improve performance while reducing environmental impact through long-lasting durability.

  • Fourth element : Their range of equipment includes a variety of fin styles, including open-heel and full-foot designs, all made with sustainable materials

Waterproof Bags

Whether you're carrying snacks or electronics, waterproof bags keep your items safe while helping protect marine life.

  • Swiss Woodmaps Recycled PET Dry Bag: This bag is waterproof keeping all your belongings dry in any weather condition.


A comfortable chair makes every moment spent on the beach more enjoyable. Below are two chairs that combine both sustainability and comfort:


Children love playing at the beach so why not choose toys that don’t harm nature?

  • GreenToys make toys entirely out of recyclable plastic milk jugs making them both fun for children to play with whilst having zero effect upon nature!

We hope these suggestions inspire you to make more sustainable choices when going on your next beach trip and don't forget to keep our beaches and oceans sparkling by being mindful of our waste and avoiding plastic. As Little Ocean Heroes, we believe in leaving every place we visit better than we found it. So why not attend a beach clean up while you're at it? It's a fun way to make a difference and protect these beautiful places for future generations!

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