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Recycling Rocks! 10 Reasons Why Buying Recycled is the Way to Go

Updated: Apr 20

Global waste will grow by 70 percent by 2050 unless urgent action is taken, according to the World Bank Report

Plastic bottles at the recycling centre
Today, we are consuming more natural resources than ever, and consequently generating more waste than we can dispose of!

The Earth's natural resources are finite, and unfortunately, we are currently depleting them at an unsustainable rate. Extracting minerals and oil from the Earth is an energy-intensive process that requires significant resources. We then use these resources to create consumable and marketable goods, which in turn requires even more resources and often results in the release of pollutants into the air and water. However, our wasteful use of these products by only using them once and then disposing of them in overflowing landfills squanders the material, energy and resources used to extract them. To minimize our environmental impact, we must reduce our reliance on virgin products and resources, which will ultimately decrease the demand for oil and mineral extraction. This can help us lower water usage, reduce the number of trees cut down, and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. By buying recycled products and closing the loop, we can help make a difference.


So how does buying recycled products help?

  1. Conserves natural resources, as it reduces the need for virgin materials

  2. Reduces energy consumption, as it takes less energy to recycle materials than to extract and process new ones

  3. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as recycling releases fewer emissions compared to the extraction and processing of virgin materials

  4. Decreases landfill waste, as recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, extending their lifespan

  5. Helps protect wildlife and their habitats, as recycling reduces the amount of waste and pollution that can harm animals and ecosystems

  6. Supports the circular economy, as it keeps materials in use and reduces the need for new resource extraction

  7. Helps create jobs in the recycling industry and other related sectors

  8. Encourages innovation and the development of new technologies for sustainable resource management

  9. Shows support for environmentally-friendly practices and sends a message to manufacturers that consumers care about sustainability

  10. Helps conserve water, as recycling uses less water compared to the extraction and processing of virgin materials

The more we purchase recycled items, the more businesses will acknowledge the need to meet our demands. So opting for more sustainable options will encourage businesses to provide more sustainable solutions. As consumers, we can and should demand more sustainability from businesses!

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