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Hero of the Week Initiative, Making the Small Things Count

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

We are so excited to announce the launch of our "Hero of the Week" initiative, where parents can submit efforts made by their children in making the Earth a better place; whether this comes in the form of cleaning up the local beach, planting trees or a garden, or educating themselves or others about environmental issues, or any other eco friendly activities, we want to celebrate their efforts!

The concept behind Little Ocean Heroes came from a publication of work that the local students had produced around the theme of their future. Students of all ages had published poems, stories and drawings that reflected their views of the world. Through their contributions in this booklet, I sensed their desperation and fears of the future; messages of hopelessness of a planet that they felt was quite literally a ticking time bomb. Discouraging messages are what these kids are taught about a planet that is the way it is through no fault of their own. Frankly, they are right to be worried, but what hope of redemption do we have, if the young adults of today have no hope. Through Little Ocean Heroes, we wish to spread eco concern but with motivational messages: your contribution matters, because it does. We want to encourage younger generations to participate in our fight for a greener future by doing simple things: use less plastic, pick up trash, buy less but buy better, and most importantly educate yourself on issues around you and demand change. By doing so we hope to help them adopt eco friendly habits that they will take with them into their adulthood. The shorts are a direct example of this: recycling plastic and turning them into clothing in fun and vibrant colors. Living in a tropical climate, swimwear is a year long business, and an opportunity to choose a greener alternative rather than introducing more virgin plastic into the environment. We are launching the shorts in September, and rash guards are in the development stages. Our team is constantly coming up with innovative and exciting ways to live a greener life and to help our clients find greener alternatives.

How to Participate:

Post a photo of you and your childrens' eco efforts on Instagram or Facebook. Don't forget to tag @littleoceanheroes with the hashtag #imalittlehero and you and your kids will automatically be in the running! Every week we will choose one Hero of the Week, and post their photo on our website.

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