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From Concrete Jungle to Actual Jungle

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Two weeks ago, my husband and I decided to scrap our sensible life plan, and embark on a more uncertain but more exciting life trajectory.

My husband had given notice at his current employment, three months prior, and we had prepared ourselves to move back to Switzerland; the logical next step. The familiarity of it was comforting, amid a post pandemic world that no one was prepared for. However, neither one us was particularly impassioned by this, we merely accepted it as a safe plan.

After toying with our options, and with a shared sense of not being ready to leave Thailand yet, we decided that we would pack up our lives here in Bangkok, and we would spend the next six months exploring the rest of Thailand. Like many, we struggled with the aftereffects of the pandemic, and in the midst of the third and worst wave, we felt we had been drifting from our goals. I had been juggling our boys’ home schooling, while developing my start up. And I struggled to do so efficiently. I was working hours on end, while the boys and I were confined in our apartment with little to no access to outdoor space.

In the meantime, my husband, was working six day weeks, when he finally decided to resign from his job that had given us the opportunity to come to this beautiful country, but ultimately robbed him of time spent with his family.

The idea of spending six months on an island, by the beach felt like a breath of fresh air. For the first time in a long time, we felt excited. Despite the insecurities of our main source of income coming to an end, we felt positive and motivated. We would concentrate full time on growing my project and on leaving a positive impact on the environment. We were on a mission that we had talked about so many times before but had never fulfilled. This was the opportunity of a life time and we were not going to let it pass us by.

Our happiest times in Thailand have been while discovering the gorgeous beaches on remote islands. In fact, we lived for the weekends and holidays that we could go and explore. I was launching a line of eco swim shorts, and partnering up with local efforts to clean up plastic from the seas and restore coral reefs. We would give it six months. And hope that by then my business will have picked up or that my husband would have found a job that he felt passionate about. And if not, we will return to Switzerland, bellies full of delicious Thai food, and hearts filled with lifelong memories spent growing stronger as a family, while we further relish on the rich culture that Thailand has to offer. But for now, Switzerland can wait.

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