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835 km to Phuket

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

As anyone living in Thailand will know, things are difficult at the moment; infection rates are growing and restrictions getting tougher. Inter province travel is discouraged, and people entering Phuket are thoroughly screened.

Nevertheless, the lease was up on our apartment and we could no longer postpone our move.

We were all packed up and ready to go. With our vaccinations done, the car packed to the brim with office supplies, bicycles, two kids, a hamster, and high hopes, we said goodbye to Bangkok, where we had spent the last two in and out of lockdown. Although we met the necessary criteria to travel, the stress of being stopped at a check point and being sent back is real. As we set off, we weren't sure if we would end back at a hotel in Bangkok, or if we would make it out.

We luckily made it to Hua Hin without a hitch, where we spent the first night. Not being able to get COVID tests in Hua Hin at this time, we journeyed on. We found a small Thai hospital in Chumphon, where we did get tested. (A massive thank you to all the hospital staff for their extremely efficient organization!) After a celebratory lunch, we headed back onto the road, and drove to Phang Nga (with a little stop at the Ratchaprapha Dam - and what a sight!) After a peaceful night, and morning at the Eden Park Resort and Spa, we embarked on the final hour of our journey to Phuket.

After crossing the bridge, we were surprised to find that there were no queues at the check point when entering Phuket. We were greeted by a police officer, who thoroughly checked all our documents, and with a few additional questions, we were in!

We are now settled in a lovely house 5 minute walk from the beach! Was it worth it? Yes, a thousand times! Not only did we get to meet some friends along the way, the breathtaking scenery is humbling - what a change from the four walls of our city apartment! 835 KM from Bangkok to Phuket

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