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Sustainability with style


Did you know that our shorts are made out of recycled plastic bottles? How, you ask? Simple!

Recycled plastic bottles are cleaned, chopped and ground into small chips. The chips are then melted and extruded into fibres, which are then woven into eco-friendly swim shorts! Voilà! 

Each swim short is made out of up to 9 plastic bottles.

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The Collection

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Best Sellers

For a Greener and Cleaner Future

At Little Ocean Heroes we design with kids at heart: providing them with the comfort and UV protection they need, in colorful designs they love. We also design with their future in mind. Our swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles so we can help reduce the plastic that ends up in our landfills and oceans. We are constantly looking for better and greener ways to help create lasting family memories, while maintaining nature's beauty and integrity. 

Free shipping in Thailand

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Meet our Heroes of the Month

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Brady, 8 and Nyles, 5

We have two heroes of the month: brothers Brady and Nyles! Well done on all your help in cleaning up your neighborhood and making a good example of not littering!

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Oliver, 5

Oliver has made it his mission to clean up all the beaches and to pick up three million tons of trash!  

Up to now, Oliver and his crew have picked up 4530 of trash and counting! 


Daniel, 8

Daniel joins his family on beach cleaning trips, every weekend. He wants to get rid of all the plastic, so that it won't harm the animals who live in the sea. He warns all his friends against using single use plastic!

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